Hearings and Jury Trial
Hearings/Jury Trial

Our attorneys provide representation at every level of your criminal case, including trial. We effectively make use of every opportunity to advance your case before the court.

Motions to Suppress

There are many ways to attack the evidence in a case --lack of probable cause, unreliable informants, discrimination, officer misconduct or faulty warrants. We have substantial experience in the research, writing and arguing of each type of motion to suppress. We will pursue every avenue to weaken the prosecution's case, for you.

Private Investigation

Sometimes a case requires finding and interviewing witnesses or having physical evidence tested. We regularly contract with a licensed Private Investigator to gather facts that help your case. We aggressively use the subpoena power of the court to secure any and all evidence held by private parties.

Negotiation with Prosecution

We negotiate on your behalf with governmental agencies. We maintain a professional relationship with the Mendocino County District Attorney's Office, Probation Department, Child Protective Services and law enforcement. We will work with you on every aspect of your case.

Early Termination of Probation & Expungement

Post-conviction relief is an important aspect of criminal defense. Frequently, people need their records cleaned or improved for purposes of recovering their gun rights, immigration or employment needs. We have successfully helped many of our clients in these areas.

Retaining Expert Witnesses

Scientific evidence is often critical in criminal cases. We maintain good relationships with our own recommended forensic experts.

Hearings and Jury Trial

In every criminal case you are entitled to see the evidence the prosecutor has against you. Our office carefully reviews all of the evidence that the prosecutor has, with you. In most cases, we request additional discovery because you can't depend on the other side to give you everything you need. If we don't get what we ask for, we fight for it in court.

Counsel & Advice

We regularly counsel and advise you on issues ranging from job & license complications, to immigration consequences. We are always open to an appointment, phone call or email. We make it a point to stay in contact with our clients regarding every aspect of their cases. You should not have to work to get in touch with your lawyer.

Bail Reduction

In many cases, bail can be reduced or a defendant may be released on his/her own recognizance, i.e., without bail. Bail can also be reduced with agreed conditions, such as electronic or alcohol monitoring. We know that when you are in custody, your life stops. We will make every effort to secure your release.